Ecosystem Challenges & Recommendations

Through a series of 18 Roundtables, participants from different organisations worked together to explore a range of challenges influencing the agricultural innovation ecosystem in Kenya, and agreed on some key recommendations for key stakeholder groups within the ecosystem (Government; Research & Training Institutes; Accelerators, Incubators & Market Shapers; Private Sector & Social Enterprise; and International Agencies). Their findings and recommendations can be browsed through the different entry points below, depending on your interest.


1. Browse by Ecosystem Theme

This summarises the key Roundtable findings and recommendations according to three key themes within the ecosystem:

  1. Research, Incubation and Acceleration
  2. Pathways to Scale
  3. The Enabling Environment

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2. Browse by Ecosystem Challenge

This presents detailed Roundtable findings and recommendations for each of the 18 Challenge Topics that participants discussed during the event:

  • Integrating Research into Policy
  • Connecting Research and Industry
  • Growing Domestic Investment for Innovation
  • Strengthening the Innovation Talent Pool
  • Diversifying the Entrepreneur Population
  • Improving Approaches to finding High-Impact Innovations
  • Building the Business Acumen of New Entrepreneurs
  • Attracting and Managing Multiple Funders
  • Achieving Financial Self-Sustainability
  • Attracting more Young People as 'Agri-preneurs'
  • Engaging the 'Last Mile' Farmer





  • Helping Innovators secure Partnerships for Scale
  • Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation
  • Enabling Policy to keep pace with Innovation
  • Measuring and Monitoring the Innovation Ecosystem
  • Making Innovation work for the Poor
  • Designing and Managing a National Innovation Ecosystem
  • Governance of an Innovation Ecosystem
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3. Browse by Ecosystem Stakeholder Group

This synthesises recommendations from the 18 Roundtables and organises them by the five key Stakeholder Groups within innovation ecosystems:

  • Government
  • Research & Training Institutes
  • Accelerators, Incubators & Market Shapers
  • Private Sector & Social Enterprise
  • International Agencies