Advancing innovation for sustainable development.

IDIA is a unique collaboration platform that brings together the senior leadership from the innovation teams, labs and departments of some of the world's leading development agencies.

Photo credit: USAID

Photo credit: USAID

Why Innovation?

Discover what innovation is and why it is so important to international development.

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About IDIA

Learn about the formation of IDIA, our Mission, and the various bilateral & multilateral agencies, private foundations and innovation platforms that work together through the platform.


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Innovation Resources

Download innovation-related reports, frameworks and tools collaboratively produced by IDIA member agencies and their partners.


Photo credit: ICIPE

Photo credit: ICIPE

Innovation Ecosystems

Find out what an innovation ecosystem is, the role of different actors within it, and browse recommendations from an IDIA-convened event on 'Strengthening the Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem in Kenya'.

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Innovation Training

Interested in managing innovation for greater impact? Apply for a place on IDIA's annual residential training course. 

Photo credit: ICIPE

Photo credit: ICIPE



Browse the latest updates on IDIA activities.