GIZ joins the International Development Innovation Alliance


1 March 2019

IDIA is thrilled to announce today that GIZ has formally joined the International Development Innovation Alliance. IDIA Membership Liaison Principal and Chief Innovation Officer for USAID, Alexis Bonnell, said:

“Innovation is not just about an idea, it is about action. We are pleased to have GIZ join the IDIA family to further strengthen our collective ability to not only promote the discovery, testing, and development of game-changing ideas to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, but also, and maybe more importantly, the use and mainstreaming of those innovative approaches across the work of all IDIA members. GIZ will bring a wealth of experience to the group that I hope forms a greater connective tissue for IDIA between innovation and impact”.

 GIZ works closely with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as well as many other development institutions. The organization, which currently operates in around 120 countries, brings over 50 years’ experience in a wide variety of fields, including economic development and employment promotion, energy and the environment, and peace and security. Annette Bähring, Director of GIZ’s Division of ‘Methods, Digital Transformation, Innovation’, said:

“We are excited to join IDIA, as we are convinced that innovation partnerships are essential means for addressing global challenges and the achievement of the SDGs. In GIZ´s decentralized organizational structure, innovation initiatives such as start-up promotion, open innovation calls, accelerator programs for tech and digital product development are built into an increasing part of our portfolio around the globe. As a division focusing on digital transformation, change management and innovation our mission is basically to connect the dots. We do that by combining tried and tested approaches and new ways of working and experiments, connecting internal and external innovators and initiatives and providing methodological assistance to our programs. We believe that being part of IDIA will be a powerful source of inspiration and joint learning and very much look forward to working with all of you”.

 GIZ is the fourteenth member of IDIA and joins our dedicated group of leading development agencies working together to discover, fund, and scale innovations that can reduce poverty at scale.