Participant Feedback


“First of all, let me congratulate you warmly for hosting such a successful and perfectly coordinated event. The sessions were very structured and ensured active participation by all attendees. You blew us all away with the excellent introduction and the analogy with the Black Panther movie :-) I thought that was very inspiring and original. Overall it was a very good meeting with high quality discussions - and the participation and quality of attendance by relevant players was very high. I'm not sure if I missed this but perhaps in subsequent meetings we can consider bringing in one or two beneficiaries of innovations to get their perspectives on the challenges with uptake. Otherwise I think you've just delivered one of the most effective workshop models for international development discussions.”


“I thought the workshop was excellent. The discussions were very focused and insightful. What I would suggest is organising (if possible) a second round of workshop to revalidate some of the key recommendations (themes) and capture additional ones and come up with actionable steps forward.”


“Thank you IDIA for convening relevant stakeholders into one room for an incredibly insightful and exciting discussion. It was an honour to join in as a panellist and a roundtable chair! Through the discussions I was able to make clear connections between research, incubation & acceleration; pathways to scale and key enablers in this agricultural innovative ecosystem, which I feel has never been so well orchestrated.”


“I found the event refreshingly different from most I have attended. Thank you for facilitating this event in Kenya and for giving us the chance to be involved. Where possible and practical we will gladly want to remain involved. Personally, I made some useful contacts for our work in innovative finance and improving livelihoods work for which I am grateful. There were a lot of useful suggestions about how to build and nurture an ecosystem and I was not clear, other than producing a report, how these might be incorporated into donor, government and facilitator strategies. Who will articulate and drive the agenda that emerged? Wishing you all the best and looking forward to reading the complete report.”


“It was a very well-organised meeting including logistics, highly relevant topics for discussion, very impressive participants and panel members. The organisers were very well prepared, with knowledge about the panel members and participants and their respective organisations; excellent questions and follow up questions to the panel members. I was also impressed by the facilitator’s ability to refer to all the participants in the audience by name which is quite amazing. Overall, excellent and I recommend more of this. I look forward to reading the report.”