Managing Innovation for Impact Training Course

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible to apply?

We are looking for applicants who meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • You are currently in a mid-level management role with responsibility for either: 

    • (a) managing part or all of an innovation portfolio or initiative; 

    • (b) developing new tools, innovative ways of working and/or investment strategies for greater impact.

  • You have experience and/or knowledge of the barriers, challenges and bottlenecks that currently impact the management of innovation within your organisation

  • You have influence over how resources for innovation are allocated, designed and evaluated, and opportunity to contribute to the innovation strategy and approach of your broader team / organisation

  • You have a network of relationships and partnerships both within and outside your organisation that enable you to share your learning and influence others

  • You have an open mindset, are prepared to engage in new ways of working and be challenged to critically analyse your own

  • You have the capacity to dedicate time and effort to complete pre- and post-training work and be fully present during the week of training

What information will I need to provide?

Participants will be required to complete the online Application Form in full, and be able to answer in detail questions relating to:

  • Their professional responsibilities regarding innovation management

  • Their recent employment history prior to their current role

  • Their self-perceived strengths and weaknesses in their current role

  • Examples of challenging situations they have experienced in an innovation context

  • Their network of professional relationships

Most importantly, all participants will need to provide a Letter of Recommendation from their immediate manager or sponsor explaining why they would make a good training participant, as well as a copy of their up to date CV / Resume.

How much will the course cost?

Successful participants will have all of their food, accommodation and local airport/rail station transfer costs to/from the training centre covered by the course organisers. Participants from low- and middle-income countries will also be provided with financial support to cover the costs of their economy class international travel to / from the country in which the training will take place. All other participants will need to ensure they are able to self-finance their travel. 

Who will be teaching the course?

This course is designed and delivered by some of the world's leading innovation thinkers, managers and practitioners from diverse institutional and geographic contexts (CLICK HERE to view the Faculty & Team). To supplement core faculty members, other experts are selected once the final cohort of training participants for each training course has been agreed in order to further identify faculty who best match the particular needs and learning interests of each cohort.

How many places are available?

Approximately 24 participants are selected for each training course. While small, this size group will ensure meaningful interaction and participation levels, and is aligned with the intimate environment and setting of the training centres selected. 

How will participants be selected?

To maximise the benefit of the training for participants, it is important that participants with the right mix of competencies and needs are selected. Following closure of the application process, a diverse selection committee will rate each applicant against a competency-based assessment tool that will help identify participants who have the most to gain from the course in terms of their individual and institutional learning potential.

In the interests of creating a diverse and dynamic training cohort, the selection committee will also look to ensure the following:

  • An equitable gender split

  • A geographic spread between the Global North and South, both in terms of a participant's home country and their regional focus

  • A diversity of agencies supporting innovation in different ways


Will there be pre-work required?

We recognise you all have busy professional and personal lives! However, the training course covers a lot of material in just a week, so to give participants the best experience we provide some preparatory reading and exercises to complete before they start the course. This is circulated to participants with ample time before the course to allow them to work through the materials at their own pace, and participants will also be able to join a Introductory Webinar with facilitators the month before the course to meet their fellow participants. 

Is the course accredited?

This course is not part of a recognised training accreditation scheme. However, participants will benefit from the considerable brand recognition of the organisations associated with IDIA who have been the architects of making this course a reality.

Do you provide financial assistance?

Yes - as noted above, participants from low- and middle-income countries are eligible to access financial support to cover the costs of their economy class international travel to / from the country where the training will take place.

Do I need a visa?

Participants from different countries may require a visa. We advise applicants to check this BEFORE applying for the course, not because needing a visa will in any way disadvantage your application, but to ensure that should you be selected as a participant we can quickly provide you with the documentation and support you need to secure your visa in time for the course.

What will happen after the course?

While the course itself is only one week in duration, a key objective is to ensure participants make strong connections with others in their training cohort to allow for continued support and interaction after the course has concluded. The course organisers will also be in touch with participants at various intervals after the training to explore how they are applying their learning within their own institutional contexts.

What language will the course be in?

The course, including all sessions and materials, will be delivered in English.

Who do I contact with other questions?

If you have a question that is not answered by any of the above, you may contact the Training Organisers directly by emailing and we will aim to respond to your request as soon as possible.