Agenda, Participants & Event Design

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Agenda & Participants

Download a copy of the Agenda and List of Participants for the IDIA-sponsored event "Strengthening the Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem in Kenya".


Panel Discussions

During the day, three 30-minute Panel Discussions were convened to explore the perspectives of diverse actors from different parts of the innovation ecosystem. The objective of these panel discussions was to surface some of the priority / current challenges around the agricultural innovation ecosystem in Kenya and to also stimulate discussion in the Challenge Roundtables that follow.


Challenge Roundtables

Following each Panel Discussion, participants were grouped into six Challenge Roundtables to further discuss the key challenges hindering achievement of specific Ecosystem Goals (e.g. ‘Integrating research into policy’ or ‘Making innovation work for the poor’). Over the course of 60 minutes, each Roundtable then identified recommendations for different groups within the ecosystem to address these challenges.